Dirty Apartments

Dirty Apartments is an modular interior level kit. You can move and assemble single walls and props, whole rooms or […]

The Old Hospital 2.0

The asset “The Old Hospital” got an major content update. Now it includes also a morgue, a bathroom, a cell […]

Desert Rocks

Free Rocks contains four rocks and one cliff mesh. The rocks sharing a 4k diffuse texture with specularity and a 4k […]

Haunted Town released

Today the Haunted Town was released in the Asset Store. This package contains a large demo level, nine pre-assembled buildings and […]

The Old Hospital

The interior asset The Old Hospital was released today. Most of the props are modular. You can move wings and […]

WIP The Mystic Temples

The upcoming Asset  The Mystic Temples will contain four detailed temples. Here a few temple parts in ZBrush.

WIP Victorian Town

A few screenshots of the ZBrush models of the upcoming unity asset Victorian Town. It will contain several historical buildings […]