Haunted Town released

Today the Haunted Town was released in the Asset Store. This package contains a large demo level, nine pre-assembled buildings and more than 143 prefabs.

10 thoughts on “Haunted Town released

    • Hi Alexis,
      if everything goes as planned the update should available in the mid of August.

      Edit: The updated package is available now.

  1. I don’t want to stress you out (this is just too great! and the price is excellent) How much of the interior are you going to release? Trying to figure out what to design myself :) Thanks! Awesome models.

    • Hi Freddie,

      glad you like the haunted town :-). The interior will contain inside walls with windows and a few standard props like tables, chairs, curtain, carpets and wooden pillars. If you have some ideas please let me know. I am planning the release now for the end of september, sorry for the delay.


  2. Wow you are amazing! Your stuff is seriously some of the best i’ve ever seen. How do you make buildings look like that from scratch? Do you make them in a third party tool and transfer them over or can things like that be created with just the tools in Unity? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

    • Hi Isaac,

      sorry for the very late answer.
      For the modelling I use blender. For texture several other tools like Photoshop and Zbrush. The final demo scene is assembled in unity.

  3. this is an awesome package as it regards quality, however it seems to work heavy in unity pro 4.6, sometimes so much that it even crash unity. Is there some solution to this?

    The hardware is not the fault in my computer, its new, and well equiped to handle graphical work.

    • Hi Anders,

      thanks for purchasing one of my assets and sorry to hear that you encounter some problems with it.

      The package was developed on a computer with an I5 and an intel HD graphics card. It runs well on this configuration.

      To find out why its not working in your case can you please answer the following questions:

      Is static batching enabled?
      Are the lightmaps baked?
      Is the occlusion baked?
      Did you load the package in an empty project?
      Can you provide a screenshot of the stats (fps, drawcalls, etc ) and the profiler while the package is running?
      Can you tell me the specs of your machine?

      If you need help with any of this points just let me know. I am sure we can figure out whats wrong in your case :)


  4. Hi TBrick. I just purchased this on the Asset Store (version 1.2 released Feb 6 2017), and I love it. Beautiful work! I just have one question. The interior of the Blind Beggar looks amazing, but I can’t seem to walk inside it in the “demo1″ scene. I can’t find any invisible collider anywhere around the entrance, but it appears I’m hitting one right after I get up on the 2nd or 3rd step at the entrance. And yes, I’m using the model “building3_int” which includes both the exterior and the interior. Thanks for any help or suggestions!

    • Hi John, thanks for purchasing The Haunted Town. And glad to hear you like it.

      I just had a look at the package and I really found the “invisible” collider.
      I will update the pack asap. Since the review process can take up to 2-3 weeks here the changes I made. In case you don’t want to wait that long.

      - resized the “invisible” collider (geometry->downtown->building3_int->interior->floor_1->floor->Cube) (don’t delete the collider)
      - adjusted Slope Limit to 60 and Step Offset to 0.5 in the FPSController. Makes it easier to climb some of the steep stairs.

      Hope I could help.
      Cheers TripleBrick

      PS. Thanks for your 5 star review in the Asset Store. Much appreciated :)

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